Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Escape to the Sea

A year and a half after Shanna King was abandoned at the alter, her uncle convinced her to work as a singer on the cruise ship he captains. Soon she learns Uncle Carl's true motive—to pair her up with his first officer, Riley Evans, a handsome young widower. For six months on board the Oral Oasis, Shanna has refused to succumb to her uncle's match making attempts.

Life at sea gets more complicated as precious jewels are stolen from the Coral fleet cruise ships. Shanna"s diamond earrings, a gift from her deceased father, end up missing. When the cruise line investigates the modern-day piracy, dangerous events are set in motion, and Shanna looks to Riley for rescue. The ocean has healed her heart, but will he open his to love again?

Author: Tera Mecham


As a young woman, Gwen Evans turned her parents Victorian farmhouse into a bed and breakfast. Here she lives quietly, sharing her simple LDS faith with visitors and touching their lives in lasting ways.

Peace is certainly what Alison Melton is searching for. This brief family holiday is her desperate attempt to renew the bond she and her husband once shared. Megan and her sister Charlotte come searching for a vital link in their family family history, but the comfortable and secure lives they have known are threatening to dissolve. Australian-born Oscar and his two British cousins  have come to Haven at the insistence of there grandmother, who hope to reconcile her divided family. Then there's Edward Anderton, a widower who has return repeatedly over the years but will he face an insurmountable barrier to only marry a man who shares her faith?

Author: Anna Jones Buttimore

Cupcake Girl

Seventeen-year-old Max Rodgers has had a crush on his best friend, Lexie Duncan, since forever. From their childhood games as the unstoppable superheroes Strong Man and Cupcake Girl, to carefree days at the lake to the ups and downs of high school, the two are inseparable.

But after Max finally finds the perfect moment to kiss Lexie, she abruptly leaves for the summer with little explanation. Heartbroken, he begins to search for meaning in his life. And when she returns, facing her own demons, everything he once thought he knew about her has changed.

Will Max and Lexie realize they need each other, or will Max lose Cupcake Girl forever? A story of courage, hope, and newfound faith, this book is a must-read for those who believe in the power of love.

"Amazing! Fantastic! Fabulous! And every other word out there that speaks the praise that I give this book!" —Erin Napier

Author: Catherine Doxey White

Friday, October 17, 2014

Waking in Tombstone

When Libby Campbell, dressed like a boy, escapes her abusive Kansas City master, she pleads with a preacher to take her with him to his church assignment in Tombstone, Arizona. Arriving in a city reeling with tumult after the terror of the OK Corral shoot -out, Libby and Cotter impact the pandemonium with their steadfast hard work and faith.

Cotter— drawn after the historic Endicott Peabody of Massachussetts—tames the upheaval with heartfelt sermons, a baseball team, and the construction of a beautiful chapel that still stands as a monument to what one man, awake and dedicated, can do in an environment of disruption and fear.

"It's a clean page-turner." Deborah Bazotti, Daily Herald

Author: Marilyn Brown

Living it Down

Carrie Burke has it all—marriage to a successful lawyer, two lively teenage daughters, a beautiful home, he gospel. Why isn't she happy? Confused, joyless and depressed, she questions her own worth and decides to take a "time out" to reevaluate her life. Her husband Morgan calls it selfish. Carrie calls it self-preservation. Renting the basement apartment in Aunt Sophie's Vintage Victorian home brings its own set of challenges.  Coincidence brings an old flame, Todd Kendall—a man Carrie never wanted to see again—back into her life. To guide her daughter through a moral crisis with a predatory boy, she realizes she needs the help of both Todd and Morgan. In her spiritual quest to reconnect with her values and reclaim her best self, Carrie yearn to find joy again, and in the process discovers that maybe there's no such thing as coincidence.

Author: Pamela Williams